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Da-Lite makes it easy to get the exact screen you need.

They have every option you need for your project! To get the exact model you need:
1) Go to https://www.milestone.com/products/resultset?Da-Lite=Screens
2) Use the easy navigation, to get the exact features you require, including size, material, or other special features.
3) When you have your perfect fit, come back here and put the part number into search and your dealer pricing will be displayed for ANY model from Da-Lite
4) Our most popular models are available to order online. Other models you view are built to order and require a PO sent to Orders@Starin.biz.
Watch a 30 Second Video on how to navigate here! http://www.synergy-center.com/2018/03/14/30-second-tips-da-lite-screens/